Sunday, September 30, 2018

Slow Knitting Week

Hi, a very slow knitting week for me.
I had a few repeats done on the Truffle Hunting
Socks, but I did not like the all!

 The pattern is nice and I will do again, but with
solid or semi solid yarn.
So I ripped....wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Started over..this time with 68 stitches instead of 72.
Knitting knits of ribbing TBL.

 I will do something plain..the yarn is so pretty...want
to showcase it.  Rowan Fine Art.

Did not work much on the other socks either...
Snowfall socks.   Pattern is written for 68 stitches,
but I  need 80. So I did 2 at beginning, middle and end
of pattern on each side is working, I think.

Ruth finished up her True colors shawl by Melanie Berg.
So pretty. I saw it this week before it was blocked and the
colors are stunning !  Very big.

Martha update in her own words:

Ok, these are my sleeves. They are 19” long. I’m supposed to make them 20” but I don’t like them long so I’m going to stop here and measure them on my grey sweater from last year. I love those sleeves especially the length. I’m busy tonight so I’ll finish them this week, I think.

 This sweater is Brekmickle by Louisa Harding. This yarn maker is unknown. I bought it at a web sale years ago....  I’m almost done, yeah! Rhinebeck coming...😄

I love them too!

In other news:
We made a GIANT batch of sauce yesterday.
1 and 1/4 bushel of tomatoes. Joe set up a station outside
so the mess was not in the house.  We did tomatoes, then
peppers and onions. Some spices...So good. we use it for
goulash and chili in the winter.
Cooked for a few hours yesterday and all day today.
We are having goulash for dinner..yum!  this pot is 3/4 full..
it cooks down a lot which is good..thickens it.

I also made some sauerkraut and sausage for dinner this week.
The secret is washing it, then adding sweet onion and an
Of course we need bread to go with it...Almost ready
for the oven.

Joe /Joey and friend Allen went fishing today.
Yes, that is a lot of fish. Joe found his "sweet" spot in the lake.

I love this next picture. Ruth's husband Ray is fly fishing,.
I think this is calendar worthy.

Have a great week dear  blog readers....cross your fingers
I get more time to knit!

Sunday, September 23, 2018


 Fall is here....yea...I'm ready.
Finished up the Koolaid Dyed shawl this weekend.

 Tiff came for a visit today and was kind enough
to  model it for me. 
 The darker colors bled a little when I blocked it...but still nice.
 I wore it to a party today and it was just the right
amount of warmth....very squishy.

Ruth is nearing the end of her True Colors Shawl.
So pretty !!

Martha is working on the fronts of her sweater.
She had to do a little reengineering this week,
but is back on track.

She is thinking of adding a zipper, but not sure if it
will work.  Here is example with zipper:

I started a pair of plain socks this week, but not enough
to show.  I wanted to get back to my sweater so its done
for Ravelry, but here it is Sunday night and my brain is
so tired....

Made some nice beef soup today.  I love fall many
more  choices.

Have a great week dear blog readers...

Sunday, September 16, 2018


 it has been very very very hot the last couple of days.
Sweltering.  I am a little sorry the pool is closed, but
I know it would have been very cold.

Working away on Koolaid Dyed yarn simple shawl.

 200 stitches now, so each row takes a while

The yarn ball is starting to get smaller.... :)

Finished up mom's socks ...finally.
Why does the 2nd on go slower?
yarn is Fresh From the Cauldron
Pattern adapted from Scatterby Pattern...

  Did an afterthought heel

 Martha finished up the Honey  Buns hat by
Anne Hanson. I love this thing.

 She is working on the fronts of her pink sweater again.
She had to tink back a bit.

 She wound 3 skeins of the two yarns together...rather than
holding two yarns at a time to knit....
So cool, huh?
Ruth has no knitting, she was gone this week on vac.

She did share pics of the friendly squirrel

A mouthwatering dinner
and her family enjoying it!

Joe went fishing today..did not catch much, but I
like this:
He helped me make sauce yesterday.
We got 6 meals...yea!

have a knitful week dear blog readers...

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Brrrrr.... Hello Fall

Brrrr, it is struggling to get to 70 today, after being
upper 90's on Wednesday.

Joe and I had a wonderful time away last weekend.
The sunsets were beautiful...just as I'd hoped.

I worked on the 2nd sock quite a bit on the boat.
But not too much since we've been home. It was pretty
hot here this week to knit.  The purple is where
the heel will go.

Here is the front.

I worked a little bit on the KoolAid Shawl....

Martha made a hat! So cute!!

Here are details in her own words....
I used my hands spun kid mohair goat yarn, that's the white, and the multi color merino and mohair from pucker brush farm at  Rhinebeck last year. This was a seconds ball made from lots of ends. I spit joined it and it was pretty good. I'm going to put a white pom pom on the top, but want to soak it now. I'm pretty happy with it.  

Ruth is traveling this week. She sent me pictures of her True Colors
shawl but they are at work and not here. It is coming along nicely!

In other news:

We closed the pool today.  Lot of work for Joe. But, it's done.
We got a lot of use out of it this year....which is a good thing.

Martha is wearing her wool socks already!

Have a good week dear blog readers..stay warm...