Sunday, February 28, 2016


I have had a lot of quiet time to knit this past week.

(Basic K2P2 hat, 100 stitches, Size 7 needle, Plymouth Select yarn)

I still feel quiet so the normal blog will be back next week.

 (Lilli Pilli done, one giant size 13 sock done, cowl done, one EZ Mitered mitten almost done)

Ruth and Martha are working on really nice sweaters...can't wait to share the details.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day 2016

Happy Valentines Day dear blog readers.
We here at Knitatation have had a fun, family filled weekend.
The best kind!
Finished up Through the Loops Mystery Socks
today.   I was super tired on  Friday when I started
and didn't read the pattern correctly (NO wine on board ....LOL)
and finished the toe in stockinette rather than seed stitch.

 I like it anyway.
They are not blocked...once I block them, I think they will look
much better.  Touch of Twist yarn is soooo soft. I cannot use this
yarn for anyone else. I take great care not to let my feet touch the bare
floor when I wear socks made of this yarn. Always have slippers on.
Though it is 30% nylon...
I'm glad these are done.

I did not knit much on the Lilli Pilli this week. 
Making a little progress on the giant socks.
8.5" leg. Just starting the heel flap.

Hawthorne yarn by Knit Picks.

I wanted to have time to concentrate and start a new projec today but
we were gone visiting family all day.

Ruth finished up her Song of the Sea cowl.
Yarn is Green Mountain Spinnery Forest. 70% wool and 30% tencel. Color is Blue Berry.
I really like this... it didn't take her long at all...kind of elegant, don't you think?

Martha finished Tom's socks. Pattern is Hermoinie's Everyday socks.
I think they are so nice.
She is not sure what she will make next.

In other news...
today is Valentines Day.  I usually make cookies for the
kids.  Today I made Orange cookies and brownies.

Delivered cookies to Tiffany, neighbor George cause he
plowed the driveway,. Joe's nephew. My brother and mom and dad...and
we still have enough to freeze for Joey and Joe.

Went to visit Joe's nephew Greg, his wife Suzi, daughter Faith
and newborn Jacqueline today. They invited us for spaghetti dinner.

Greg makes the spaghetti.  See it drying on the racks

Suzi  and Faith.  Faith loved the brownines.

Greg and Faith  (still eating brownies)

Faith is sooo smart. Turned 2 on Feb 1st.
She knows her ABC's, all of her colors, can talk
in sentences, and does sign language! Suzi really works
with her and makes it fun.

Jacqueline is only 1 month old.  I got to feed her and then
she slept the whole time. Greg said she is up 2-3 time a night.
Sooo cute.
Before Faith was born, I made her a little sweater and hat,
but I knew after it was done it would be way to big.
Delivered it today, and it's just right. She did not stand still
long enough to button it up!

It was such a  pretty day with the sun glistening on the snow.
This is from early morning

Have a wonderful week dear blog readers, I'm off to work on
Lilli Pilli....

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Kind of an in-between knitting week...

Finished up the heel of the two mystery socks.  Nothing
new to show. So I worked on the LilliPilli shawlette while
awaiting clue 4.

 Done with loooonnnngggg garter section...
starting the shorter lace section.  Cant' wait till this is done.
Ruth finished up her sweater. It's so lovely.
Perfect fit!
It's a Knit to Flatter pattern using Bartlett 2 ply wool alpaca wool.

She started a pair of socks in between her next big project
(yet to be determined)

 Yarn is Lang Jawoll Magic 6 ply. It's not really 6 ply,
just a single ply, but heavier like a 6 ply.

Martha is finishing up a pair of socks for her son in-between her
next (yet to be determined) project.
Hermonie socks...yarn unknown

In other news...finally found some cute little valances
and lamps for the family room.

(you know my  knitting is boring when I talk about valences!)

Making some chicken chili in the crockpot for the big
game...this recipe:

 Also making some broiled pineapple from the Weight Watchers recipe

Go Carolina....