Sunday, February 23, 2014


Two...yes, two pairs of socks completed this week.

This color is most accurate.

Yarn: Selridge Farm, Soft  Touch
Needle:  Size 2
Pattern:  K3, K1 tbl
Heel:  Double stitch heel

I added some nylon thread to the heel for support.

Love Love Love this  heel, it fits sooo nicely.

These were the perfect brainless project, and relatively quick.
I am very thankful they are done.

Also finished up the Through The Loops Mystery socks.

I really liked this project, and the socks fit great.
I am very thankful these are done too.
(note those are freckles and not hair on my legs !!!!!!)

Believe it or not, I have no project going right now.  My weekend has
been sooo busy, I didn't have time to start something. I think I will at
least start something brainless tonight.

Two baby sweaters in the works. One from Ruth and one from Martha.

Ruth is working on Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker. Yarn is Berroco Vintage. Acrylic/wool/nylon superwash. She started the sleeves today. She is really moving along quickly
with this cute sweater.

Martha is making a sweater for her husband's cousins baby boy. Made with hand me down yarn from her friend Ann, merino Maratona by Lane Borgosesia. Making Springtime Zbaby Cari, by Alpaca It is going very quickly. 

Makes me almost want to start a baby sweater....almost.

I think they are both totally adorable!

Have a wonderful week..supposed to be cold and snowy again..surprise!  NOT

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Martha wins the blog of the week award!
She has really stepped up her use of color.

This is the Cobblestone Sweater pattern by Jarod Flood.
She used various yarns to pull it all together.
Isn't it great!!!

She also revamped an old project she did a while ago.
Her own pattern.
She made it double breasted...

I'm in awe that she figured out how to fix it!

Lovely colors !

I have finished up the first mystery sock, and am almost done with
the 2nd one.

Ruth has finished up her 1st one also, but she is really sick
this week so did not send a picture. Hers is really nice, and
has more structure than mine.

She is also working on the Wurm hat.
Hopefully pics next week.  Get better soon!!!

I did a lot of cleaning today, and made Joey some
orange cookies - his favorite!  He did a lot of shoveling for
me last week when Joe was in Florida - made sure a path
was cleared to my car every day.  Thanks, Joey!

Happy knitting dear blog readers.
Oh yes, I should mention, it snowed almost all weekend here again,
and is still snowing....ugh!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I added buttons to the Welted Fingerless gloves

They behave better on the hand...they look rolled in this pic

Joe said "how cute, they look like Garnishes"....LOLOLOL

I love wearing colorful.

I am working my way down the foot on the Through The Loops
mystery sock.  I have a few more rows to do, and then can start
on the 2nd one. 

 Lots of ladies are done with both already...they must have a lot more time than
I do to knit.

Worked just a tiny bit on the blue brainless sock. (aka Boring)  LOL

Ruth is done with the foot clue on her sock, and has started a sleeve for her
Highlander sweater...

Martha is moving right along on her fun sweater...

 both of their projects are so nice, don't you think?

In other news...

Joe went ice fishing this week and caught a  ton of fish...

took him all night to clean them

We had yet another snow storm event on Wednesday..we got over a foot of snow.
Abbey just loved it

Have a fun, warm week filled with lots of knitting....

Sunday, February 2, 2014

We interrupt these socks to bring you.....

Fingerless Mitts !

It's no secret I have a problem with monogomy when it
comes to knitting....let me tell you the story.

This week the heel clue came out for Through The Loops
Mystery socks.  Very nice. Took no time to finish up. I
wish she would have started the pick up stitches part on
this clue.

So between last week's blog and today, I have completed
one leg and two heels.  Now what?

I worked a lot on the brainless sock. 

Reminder the pattern is K3, K1 TBL.
With a double stitch heel. I love the fit. and yardage is good, so
nice and tall.

So I finished up this week and have about a 2" start on the 2nd sock.
By Friday, I was BORED. TO. DEATH.  LOL

I started poking around to see if I could find a quick project. Did not
want anything too involved because the foot clue for mystery socks is
coming out this week.

I found this lovely yarn Martha gave Ruth and I in my stash.
Very colorful. She gave us each 2 skeins so we could make socks.
Fingering yarn.
It is very very soft, and would make lovely socks. But I wanted to
show it off.  So I found the Welted Fingerless Gloves pattern in
my pattern stash.

OMG, a match (pattern/yarn) made in knitting heaven.

and so soft.....
I got one done in a few hours, and ready to start the thumb gusset
on the 2nd one.

It will be good football knitting.

Notice the top, after I took the thumb stitches off, it started to pool.

I have to find some cute buttons to sew on the welts, or not.
What do you think?  (see Ravelry link above for examples with buttons).

Joe / Joey said what are you going to do with those?  I said make a
fashion statement!  The pattern calls for DK weight yarn, so I made
a few modifications to make the fingering work. I will add all details
to my Ravelry project page when done if you're interested.

I will have enough yarn left for a nice cowl, or scarf. OR
I could make two toe up anklet socks. Because the yarn would feel
like heaven on my feet. What do you think?

Ruth also started the mystery socks. She is traveling but here is her progress
as of Thursday. I bet she is done with the leg by now. I love her colors.

Martha has made great progress on her sweater this week. She ran out of
some of the yarn, so is searching for compatible colors.  I told her I think
it is very vogue, and I like it a lot.  This is Cobblestone pattern.

We are having chili and chicken fingers for the game today. I am routing for
the Seahawks....Happy Knitting....