Sunday, October 25, 2020

Pretty Things....

 This week went buy with a big usual.  I did end up ordering more red yarn to finish up the Wallaby.  

For both Wallabys:

Purple - Size 10  / Red - size 8

Knitpicks Swish Worsted Yarn - Superwash.

Size 8 needles 

I was  very deliberate picking the pattern and yarn. These little girls love to play outside and I knew the sweaters would get a lot of wear and tear.  I messaged their mom along the way to get measurements. They are a little big, but not too big. I think they will fit for a while.  


I finished up little Mason's Christmas booties  They will match his daddy's socks.

.Fingering yarn - Hawthorne by KnitPicks  Size 1.5 needle

Martha finished the back of her beautiful sweater.  This picture is unblocked.

This is the pattern:

Ruth has not really knit this week. She wound this beautiful yarn and the ball winder snagged it!  She has spent a good amount of time trying to fix it.

We are all sharing our Rhinebeck 2.0 purchases this week (all virtual purchases).

This is all in our own words:


This is a bag from Bundflicka who sells thru Maggies Farm.  It’s the Monet pattern. It’s very big and full of pockets that will be perfect for a big project. It’s well made.

Next photo is yarn from Dancing Leaf Dyeworks. It’s a special color with the fall colors of Rhinebeck. The photo is the sweater I’m thinking of knitting. The skein on the last is worsted weight for the sweater. The skein on the right is the fingering version. This is a sweater I'm thinking about making with it.

This photo Is yarn from Shanandoah Fiber. Not sure what I’m going to knit with it. I see it is very similar, you might say just like, the  Peace Fleece I used for a sweater recently. I think it’s a little darker and I like it a lot. I would say it’s DK weight.

The fourth photo is yarn from Miss Babs. It’s  a kit of yarn to make the On the Spice Market shawl. As you can see the main ball of yarn did not wind up tight enough to hold its shape. 
This is what I have to show at this point. I have two mugs coming from Stacey Stanhope. Also a wool pillow from Dashing Star Farm. Bought some yarn from Jill Draper. Some new fiber and some yarn from Bartlett. Good thing I like to knit!


On the left the red rag wool is Bartlett yarn. I’m going to make a simple pullover out of it.  It’s a little scratchy so I hope it softens up with a wash.  The last one did. 
The three in the back caught my eye at a site. It’s called “The Ends” yarn and it’s ends of alpaca, wool, bamboo, and silk. It’s super soft. I couldn’t really see what it was in skeins but it is long runs so it’ll make a stripped shawl or some color blocky sort of thing!  It’s from Shenandoah Fiber.  It looked better on line....  the camel yarn has camel in it along with merino.  From Maine Tops.  The sock skein and “Gradient Yarn” Rhinebeck colorway from Dancing Leaf Dyeworks.  Though the colorway seems the same it looks different? And soak.  That’s what I have so far.  I have the purple yarn which is not here now, and a knitting bag and pitcher which is also not here yet. I went crazy buying. Not good to not be there in person, I kept say I’m not paying for housing, I’m not paying for food etc!

Not related to Rhinebeck I bought some signature sock needles. I thought I bought 6 inches but I see 12” came. I’m not sure I want them but I’m not making socks so I’ll have to whip them up to see if I’ll return for longer ones. 


 This is the Jacob Sheep wool I showed last is really a pretty blue.

I have started a swatch. It's more like Aran yarn than worsted. I'm going to make a very plain sweater with it. I like wearing and knitting plain sweaters. Dull, I know.


This is Greenwood Hill farm - probably will be mittens.

This is yarn from CeCe Yarns...Corredale...Very nice.  It will be a nice patterned yoke sweater.

This is Miss Babs Rhinebeck colorway. I can't photo it right...I really like it a lot.

This is a sock blank in Rhinebeck colorway yarn.  I hope it makes nice socks.  It's from Dancing Leaf Dyeworks.

This is so pretty I couldn't resist.

It is from Avalon Springs Farm. 



In other news:

 We purchased some honey from my brother and sister in law. They are starting a bee business. Isn't it beautiful!

Mason came for dinner on Friday!


 I hope you can see this. Mickey was doing chair aerobics today: 

you may have to copy and paste into a new page


Have a good week dear blog readers. Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Chicken's Gonna Win

 Hi dear blog readers....I've been playing yarn chicken with the red yarn for the Wallaby, and I think the chicken is going to win.  I have about 5 more inches left on the hood. I hate to order one skein of yarn...the shipping cost kills me.   But it is what it is....I'll knit till I run out...just in case.  

This is all I have knit this week.  Not much time.

Ruth finished her cute, soft, fluffy Blath  hat. She is not sure what she will knit next. She has a lot going on so probably her unfinished socks.

Martha worked on her Counterweight Sweater.  She had to rip back a bit to finish a cable.  It's looking pretty darn nice in my opinion.

Martha got her first virtual yarn from Rhinebeck. She and Ruth got identical yarn for a sweater. We all got the same sock yarn.  Ruth and I have not received ours yet.  From Dancing Leaf Farm.

Martha is going to make this sweater with her yarn:

I received this beautiful Jacob yarn purchased from CeCe wool.  It's really beautiful.

Ruth, Martha and I all missed each other terribly since there was no real Rhinebeck this year.  I used my Rhinebeck mugs all weekend as a symbol of our fun. We are  hoping to get together in two weeks...fingers crossed.  Have a good week...Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

My path to (knitting) freedom


Hi dear blog readers!  How was your week?  Mine was in lightening speed.  I really thought about my knitting and realized that the only way I can move on is to finish up the Wallaby quickly.  My path to knitting freedom.  :)  It's going pretty quick.  I'm so glad I did the sleeves first.  I only have one skein of yarn left, and the hood takes almost a skein.  I see a KnitPicks order in my future. 


Worked a little on the bootie.  A few more rows left till bind off.

Ruth is working on a new hat!  Blath hat.  Martha gave her the yarn. Nice!

Martha is working on her sweater  It's really really nice.  In her own words:

Here’s my sweater. I’m almost done with the second repeat of the pattern. The split tail on the back is done now I’m just knitting up the back. It’s 6.5” long and will probably be 7” when I’m done with this pattern repeat. This yarn is Peace fleece.. the gauge is working out well. I’m so glad a pattern that I can just knit up, no gauge conversions etc. phew!

In other news:

We had a hail storm this week. Tons of branches in the yard again.

I got to watch Mason this week. It's really hard to take a selfie with an infant in your arms and try to hit the "take" button.

His mommy took this picture of me holding him...much better.

We are postponing our Rhinebeck 2.0 weekend till end of October.  We will all be better prepared then.

Have a good week dear blog readers...Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, October 4, 2020


 I've not been very focused this week. I need to do better.  I ripped the baby bootie from last week, just wasn't working for me.  Started another one using the same pattern I've used before:  Stay On's -The only bootie you will ever need.

Worked on the 2nd Wallaby this week. I messed up the pouch ( no focus) and had to start over. All is good now.  The first picture is with the pouch up, and the 2nd one shows it folded over. I hope to make great progress on this week. I need to get it done so I can move on.  I am actually liking knitting with this red yarn. And it has great stitch definition.

Ruth sent this picture of her mittens this morning, Then just a few minutes ago she sent the finished pair!

I love them...I think they are fancy! Generic mitten. Spun Right Round mohair silk in Pool Hall Hustle color and Morning Moon alpacas yarn.

Martha started a  new sweater.  Counterweights sweater out of the teal Peace Fleece. She is almost done with the first 28 row pattern repeat.  It's going to be sooo nice!!!!


In other news:

Joe and I made roasted red peppers yesterday and today. Well Joe did most of the work. Three bushel - a lot of work.

The pictures show them roasting, cutting them after roasting, scraping  the crap out of the middle, and the nice big pile. We will often eat just peppers, bread and wine for dinner on a Friday night.  

And finally a new picture of our Little Mason...sweetie pie. He will be two weeks old on Tuesday.


Joe's cousin had two grandbabies born this week. Her two had a baby on Tues and one on Thursday!

Have a good week dear blog readers...I hope to get my focus back!

Stay safe and be kind.