Sunday, February 25, 2018

Not much new

 We were sooo busy this week..something every night.
I worked a little on Joey's sock, and the darn pic didn't turn out.

Ruth is done with her baby blanket, and sewing ends together.

 What a lucky baby, huh?  LOVE the colors!  A lot of work!

Martha is working on socks.
Her own pattern...yarn from Ruth

I hope to have more to show next week,.

In other news:

Joe went fishing today and caught a LOT of fish.
 Looking forward to dinner this week.

Got to see little 8 month old Phoebe yesterday.
She is a beauty!
Have a great week dear blog readers
Hope to have more to shoe next week...

Sunday, February 18, 2018


 Very springy out today. This week sounds very warm...yea!
I finished up the 2nd sock today and very happy with the
results.  This picture is when they were just blocked.

 I leave 16 stitches on each needle before I kitchner. And this
past year have started using a rounded toe decrease which
I like a lot. This pic is pre-blocking so will look nicer
after that.

I like the after thought heel with the colorful yarn.
 This is a pattern I made up.
Bobble every 4 stitches, then knit 6 rows and do a slip
stitch every 4 stitches. It kept my interest....

 Martha gave me the yarn at Rhinebeck. I love the vibrant
colors!  Knitpicks Stroll. I still have quite a bit left.

 I did manage to do a little work on the sweater sleeve. 

 Started a par of socks for Joey.  Panda silk yarn.
His feet love yarn with bamboo, it helps wick the mositure
away.  I'm not sure what the pattern will be yet. Something
simple.  The color is a nice chocolate brown.  Good
for guy socks.
 My main focus will be the sweater, but sometimes it's too
bulky or I'm too tired to work on it.

 Ruth is almost done with her baby blanket.
Love the colors. I can't wait to see a little baby
on it!

 Martha is traveling today, so no updates from her.

In other news:

We had a party for Tiffany's birthday today.  Joe told me he
was excited people were coming so the blog would not be
so dull.  Huh?????????

I made lasagna, bread, and salad. I made the big pot of sauce

 Some family pictures

 I made cheesecake yesterday too.

Mickey was very social while the company was here..
which is VERY unusual. Usually he hides.  He was out and about
all day.

In this picture he was preening for Tiffany...he loves
when she comes over.

Have a great week dear blog readers....
enjoy the warmth.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Things have been pretty quiet here in Dullsville
this week.  We had snow, snow and oh, some snow.
Today it's supposed to rain.

Worked a little on the second sock....probably
half way down the foot.

 Worked on the sweater.
Put it on a string 2x during the week to try it on.  I decided I didn't like
the I tinked back the 1.5" of ribbing, and  3 regular rows
which took a while. Then I added 3 short rows in the back, so
it would go over my butt. Hard to see...which is the point!

 Put on a string again, and got a length I like.

Now ready to start the sleeves....I just put the
sleeve stitches on double points, so not
much to show.
This sweater is really should not have taken
me this long, but hopefully, I'll be happy with the finished

Remember way back last summer when I made a the
silverleaf shawl for my bosses wife?  She sent me a picture this week.
She loves it!

Ruth is working away on her baby blanket. She was trying to
figure out how large to make it, and now she has a plan.
I love the colors!  It's so happy!

Martha finished up her socks, now she is working
on a pink sweater...the gradient is fun!
In other news....
well, there isn't any other news this week.
Hopefully, a more exciting blog post next week!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday....

 I finished up the chocolate & mint
scarf this week.

 Moorehouse Merino Yarn.  Lace.
 It was on a size 13 needle, so kinda like
working with cobwebs!
 I love how it turned out.
It is very "sticky".  Was hard to block.

 The mint had large "tufts" in it that I had to
cut out....three times!

 Going to add waste yarn for afterthought heel on
2nd sock.  I actually have not knit much this week.
I'm hoping for lots of knitting while we watch
the superbowl.
 Ruth started a blanket for her new grandbaby...
gender still unknown, due end of summer.          
Mason Dixon nine patch pattern. It will be very colorful and
Is brainless knitting.
 She finished up her granddaughters mittens this week.
Soooooo nice!
Tallulahs Heart from Big Book of Knitted Mittens. Yarn is Socks that Rock.
 Martha is on the heel of her 2nd sock, and
going to start her pink sweater soon.

Joe and I were very domestic this weekend.  We got a giant
tv for Christmas, and needed a giant stand.  I looked all over,
knew what I wanted but could not find it.  He found it on
Craigs List this week.  I had also got a new rug. Amazing how
just changing a couple of things makes a difference in the room.

He helped me wash the walls, windows, floors, and the furniture.
Very unusual for him but we both felt a great sense of accomplishment
when done.

Then today he hung the pictures I had gotten for the kitchen.
They use LED lights and a battery. 
So fun!
The lights will show up more when it's dark out.

Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but Martha lives in
Massachussets.  She wants the Patriots to win.
I do not.
LOLOL.  Just hope it's a good game.

We are having wings, taco dip and fruit.

Joe is out in the rain getting ready to cook....
Have a great week dear blog readers....Happy Knitting