Sunday, May 31, 2020

Where We Left Off....

Hi Dear  Blog Readers,
It's been two weeks, and I still don't have much knitting to show.
Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and I was oh so tired.
Too tired to blog. The weather was too hot. Joe and I planted flowers.

Even though it's been two weeks, I don't have much knitting to show.
I worked in the flowers after work this week.

I managed to finish Mason's booties to go with his green sweater.
Just waiting for buttons and the set will be complete.


I decided the little baby sweater I made for Joe's nephew
needed a tie.  Sometimes hoods don't stay up.  I delivered it
to the grandma this week.  Although now that I look at it, the
hood still might not stay up, but it's cute.

Worked on the  Vedder shawl. I'm ready to get it done.
Each row takes a long time.
Two more repeats of this section, though I might add four.

Ruth made a baby sweater for her new nephew, Tristan.
Baby Yoke Sweater.
I love the colors!  He is one lucky little boy.

She is back to working on her sweater.  The first sleeve is
probably done by now. She was hoping to start the 2nd one today.
Alana Pullover,  West Yorkshire Spinners Croft in Mossbank color.

Martha finished up her  Deschutes sweater Jill Draper Makes Stuff  Bulky yarn. and here are pictures of her
wearing it. Totally wonderful.

She said if she makes it again, she will make the neck a little lower.
The color is wonderful and I think she did a great job. The sweater was
a real challenge.

She made an adorable sweater for my future grandson Mason,
appearing in September.
I love everything about this!  Tiffany will too! The stripes must be tricky
to make look so nice.
Thank you Martha!!
Pattern is Ginger Snap.
Knit Picks Dishie yarn.

She started another one for her friend who is also having
her first grandchild - gender unknown.

All of this baby cuteness is what the world needs right
now I think.

In other news:

The family came over for mom/Joe birthday's today.
It's the first time we've been together since February.

My brother and sister in law raise honey bees.
They are in the learning process.  Lost a lot thru the winter.
Harvested the first honey a couple of weeks ago...I was lucky
enough to get some.

Speaking of the flowers:

This stool was fushia pink last year. Didn't really like it.
I love to spray paint.
 It is so cold here. I'm so glad I still have the blankets on the bed.
I'm thinking it will be a wonderful night to sleep!
Have a wonderful week dear blog readers.  Till next week....

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Research Needed

Hi Dear Blog  Readers....
It feels like spring the last couple of days here in WNY,.
Rain coming tonight...lots of it I guess.

 The Norwegian Fur Sweater is finished, except for the buttons.
It will have three buttons. I wish the baby blue border color showed
up better.  I still have to sew up the sleeves.  This picture is after it
was washed and dried in the dryer, still a little damp.  

The blue yarn is sport, same as the green, but seemed much
thicker.  Green yarn is size 3 needles, and blue is size 2.

I decided to make a hat.  The first attempt was a failure, or should
I say a learning experience.
For some reason I thought since the blue was thicker I would
double the green.  Nope, did not like it.
So I ended up knitting the blue border on a size 2 and the hat part
in size 3.  Very quick knit....(notice I was sitting outside yesterday).

Still have enough yarn left for booties, I think.

Worked two repeats on the Vedder shawl. 
I like the colors and how the silk makes it look very regal.

That is all of the knitting I have.
I will have to research the Wallaby sweater so I can continue on
with that.  People were saying on Ravelry that sleeve length did not
coincide with an actual child length  ugh.  Well I had an idea....I messaged
the girls mother and asked her measure their arms. hmmmmm why didn't
I think of that before.  :)

Ruth is working on her sweater sleeve.
Alana sweater. West Yorkshire Knitters Croft yarn. Mossbank color.
This is a very complex sweater, even the sleeves are full of cables.
She is doing a great job.

Martha has finished up her sweater.
She blocked it this weekend and has been sewing it up today.
 Deschutes sweater
Jill Draper Makes Stuff  Bulky yarn.
Totally beautiful!

Martha's sweater notes in her own words:
 Is it boxy? Yes. I would like to have had it an inch longer ( as usual, it always seems I say that?) I should just measure. A fancy new concept, measuring tape, the inch. Oh well I’m thick headed and do everything by trial and error.
The sleeves are too wide but I did follow directions? Next time BO 1” on each side of the underarm the 2 stitches each side at least 2x, then one every other row. I thought I should be doing that but the directions say so, so I didn’t. 

did 2 3 stitch decreases to turn the neckline. (Trial and error, again) ripped to get it right.  I started with much bigger needles and ripped it and started again to get this trimmer neckline.

In other news:

Joey shot his first ever turkey on Friday.
I love this picture.

and I love this one with  Benny too.

Speaking of turkey,  Ruth's boyfriend has been by her back door again.

Joe went fishing yesterday - no fish.
He power washed the outside and inside of the boat today.

I have one tulip this year. ONE .  It's a beauty though.

This is where the rest of them were.  Someone got a little carried away
mowing the lawn last week.

Look what Ruth got in the mail this week...a picture from her
grandson Lil Ray, who will be two at the end of August.

Martha had a new, super sized laundry sink installed this week.
She is soaking her woolens---sweaters and socks.

These pictures show how it all its in so nicely.

Have a good week dear blog readers. Next week is Memorial Day weekend already.
Hear that are supposed to be warm by now...just sayin!

Sunday, May 10, 2020


 Ruth,  Martha and I did a Google Meeting yesterday and it
was so cool. We talked about knitting!  What else, right?
I told them I had a lot of knitting on the needles, but nothing
brainless, and I felt lost.  Martha said she prefers to only work
on one project at a time because she makes so many modifications
she has to totally concentrate so she can keep up with them.
Ruth likes to knit one at a time too. 

For me, I  need different knitting. I don't want to concentrate
all of the time, sometimes I just want - need - to knit. 
As the name of the blog says, this is Knitting meditation for me.
I solve a lot of problems while knitting, much like some people
solve them while singing in the shower. 

I think it's always so interesting to hear different opinions and
the "why" of doing things; especially in knitting.

So if you are wondering, I did not start anything new.
I was working on the Norwegian Fir baby sweater sleeve in the round, and
did not like the ladders.

The ladders appeared because I
had to knit a round/purl a round to mimic garter stitch.
So, I ripped the sleeve out and started knitting flat.  I will
now have to seam the side, but it's so small it will be ok.
It was pretty brainless.....sigh...yea.

Only did one repeat on the Vedder shawl. 
I like the colors a lot.

Ruth has the front of her sweater almost done.
Probably done by the time this is published.
I love this picture and how the sun is shining on it.
And if you zoom you can see how the colors really pop
Ruth is moving along on the front of her sweater.
Alana sweater. West Yorkshire Knitters Croft yarn. Mossbank color.

Martha has finished the front of her Deschutes sweater and is working on
the sleeves.
Here is the back:

She figured out the increases sleeves based on gauge.
I think it's so nice!!

In other news:

Ruth's grandson Ray loves spaghetti  I love this picture

Yesterday Ruth taught her husband how to sew

He's making Pennants for his boats.  I think they are terriffic

Ruth sent these pictures from yesterday. The weather has been crazy.
This one:

And this is what it looked like 15 minutes later:

The deer are out back again.

Joe/Joey went walleye fishing last night:

Martha's dog Penny was relaxing while Martha
was knitting. 

Have a great week dear blog readers.  I hope you get some
good knitting time in.  Knit-a-tate onward.