Sunday, December 30, 2018

I guess I'm Knitworthy !

Hi there dear blog readers. I hope you have
been relaxing and enjoying this holiday week.
I have been off of work for a week, and go back
Wednesday. Wahhhhhhh

Finished up Joe's socks yesterday.  I wrapped one and gave it
to him for Christmas. Second one had the heel turned on Christmas
day.  He looked at them and said these look like a  rich man's socks...
bestill my  heart !!!!!

Tiffany's friend Amber asked for a baby hat. She is
due in February, and loved the one I made for her
son.  Baby Evelyn will look cute in this, I'm sure.
Ribbing hats are great for babies...they kind of grow
with them. Amber said it was the only hat that stayed
on Chase when he was little.  

size 7 needle
Plymouth Select Superwash Merino

 I started a new sock.  Free on Ravelry
Woodland Walk
Have just a few rows done after the ribbing.

 Tomorrow I hope I have time to sit and figure out a sweater.

Tiffany made me a scarf for Christmas!
So so so nice.  I guess I'm knitworthy!
 She was working on other projects so not
sure how she had time to get this done.
 I love it!

Ruth is working on a shawl for Emma.
It's a french pattern called foam and waves shawl (mousse et vagues) it's
not a formal pattern but a loose English translation.
So far so good.  She is  out of the speckle arm and so will
start the feather and fan border on black coordinating yarn.

Martha is working on her ribbing socks,
ready to zoom down the foot as you can see. She spent a lot
of time trying to figure out a pattern/yarn combo.  More to come
on that next week.

In other news:
I've got nothing. We had a really wonderful Christmas.
I did not take one picture.  Was living in the moment I guess.
Joe  and I went away for a couple of days after that.
And here we are.
I started undecorating today.. can't stand the mess.

Until next week dear blog readers...

Sunday, December 23, 2018

It's a Wrap....2018 Version

The secret project is done.
Gloves for Tiffany.  

One of them turned out wonky, but I
think I fixed it so it is ok.  If it is not good for her, I will
cut them off before the thumb, pick up stitches,
and redo.

Not sure I will make gloves again anytime soon.
This is a mix of a few patterns.  Once I figured out the gist,
I kind of winged it. The 2nd one is much nicer than the first.

Here is the rest of it:
5 pair of socks, two hats, gloves

A lot of work, but I think it is appreciated.
This fall my brother sent me a selfie when he was hunting
to show he was wearing the hat I made him and said how
much he likes it....
Here are Casey's felted slippers that
I forgot to put in above picture, and one sock done for Joe.
Mason dixon blog said its ok to wrap one sock or a project
that is on the needles waiting to get  done.  :)

I put some fabric paint on the bottom of the slippers so 
they are not slippery.

Ruth is working on her sweater. It is so nice, I saw
it this week.

Martha is working on a plain sock  K2, P2....

My highlight of the weekend is Mickey.

I had the yule log with kittens/puppies on yesterday.
Mikey loves to watch that.
He jumped up on the tv stand to watch.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It's Beginning to Look Like Chrismas!

 I finished up the first sock this week, and decided it needed
a pop of color....2nd one has a small start.
Working on a secret project that I hope to get one before

Ruth started another sweater !
Pattern is Farm House Cardigan by Amy Christoffers.
Yarn is Berroco Catena.

Martha send me a very nice detailed description today,
so here goes in her own words:

  Hi knitters. Here’s my vest for Tom. It’s 40”wide, I am very happy with it. I think it’ll be a good size and the contrasting trim looks good and symmetrical. Phew!

This is the book I took the pattern from. It has patterns that are very simple and written for multiple gauges. Mine happens to be 2.5/1” so I had continue
 to minimize the pattern down, but I think it looks very good.

Here’s the pattern. They have crew neck, v neck and sweater or vest.

And here’s my left over yarn! I had no idea if I would have enough yarn since my gauge was big but my yardage as was less than the pattern called for.  Although I think the contrast looks very good I could have done the whole thing in brown and black. Oh well, live and learn... it’s kind of too bad since the brown Nd black are very soft....  so I have to sew in a few care labels and then I’m done....  

In other news:

Here is a picture of Ruth's gandson...such
a cutie pie!

We had Joe's family here for Christmas last night.
Fun fun fun.
Today I feel like a truck ran over me!

The little kids loved the play station
I set up for them.

Here is Joe cooking with Charlie supervising.

Donna's family:

Jeanine's family:

Have a nice week dear blog readers....

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Curve Ball

 Here we are a couple weeks before Christmas!
I'm moving slowly on the socks, and working furiously
on a secret project that needs to be done before

Ruth finished her sweater. It is so damn lovely!
Look at that fit! She is such an expert sweater knitter.

She started another sweater from Knitty.
More next week.

Martha has the back done on her son Tom's vest.

Sooo nice!
And she finished Tom's socks !

In other news:

We were thrown a curve ball this week.
My 60 year old cousin died of a massave
heart attack.
He was a great guy.
Always smiling.
He said he chose to be happy everyday.
Said it was a choice.
I am going to choose that too.

After funeral, we went to get a tree, then stopped
at Indian Falls for a beer.

So pretty.

And relaxing
So nice to sit there and reflect on the week
and the season. and remember the
reason for all of it.

Have a nice knitting week dear blog readers.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Taking a deep breath....

 I'm starting to feel a little stressed about the holidays...
and I need to remind myself to stop, and take a deep breath.
Over the last couple of years, I only do what I find fun, so
I need to remember that.  We are having a big party here on
Dec 15th, and I'm starting to feel the stress of getting
ready for it.

Deep.Breaths. repeat!

Felted the slippers yesterday. They turned out ok...
just ok.  The piece I put on the inside did not adhere
to the bottom all of the way.  I need to resew, and refelt.
The size is right...maybe I'll do that next weekend.

A little progress on the sock...
German short row heel

A ways to go on the foot

I put up the fake tree and got it decorated. Next week we will get
the real one. Pic is a ltitle blurry....

The sleigh is filled
Gets nicer every year

Ruth is about done with her little Christmas
ornaments I think they are the perfect, from-the-heart gift!

And here is picture of Little stinkin cute

Martha has about 1" left on Tom's 2nd sock....
so cool!

She spent a lot of thoughtful time this week organizing
her stash. I am in envy of this so much.!
In her own words:

 This first picture is my yarn inventorying kit. I’ve done the yarn upstairs and down stairs. I just have the basement to go. I have thrown out small buts of yarn, acrylic yarn etc.  Probably a kitchen basket container worth. The big blue three ring binder is where it’ll all be contained. Emmalouise said I should also write it up on one paper that I can take out with me shopping or to Rhinebeck. So that makes sense I’ll do that when I finish inventorying.

She even made sample s watches...see them up there !

She found this yarn while doing the inventory:
She's making Tom a vest - one side brown and one
gray. She will add some lopi to stretch it.
So cool!  Martha is fearless when it comes to color!

Have a nice week dear blog readers...
and remember  ..... deep breaths!