Sunday, February 28, 2010


I realized today, the last day of February, that I only have one FO for all of 2010 so far. If I would have finished the vest, that would be done by now, and if I didn't have such ADK I would probaby have finished up something. I do have the heel turned on the sock. The yarn is so pretty....

and have worked some on the shawl this week. There are over 200 stitches now, so it takes a while to do a row.

Oh! and the EZ Green Sweater! I started it on Friday with a very nice
crocheted provisional cast on. I kept having a knawing feeling in the back of my
mind about this sweater. I keep looking at Ravelry. A few (a very few)
folks have completed the amazing sweater. Many many more have had
trouble deciphering the pattern. Some say the pattern has lots of mistakes,
and some say the pattern is just a guide. Some have had to redo the neck.
You see where I'm going brain is not up to this right now.
I think I will have to wait until there are more corrections published
from SchoolHouse Press, or on Ravelry. I cop out but, since
I know me better than anyone - I realize this is beyond me right now.

I have ripped and have started a different EZ sweater. One with a hem
and that is all I know right now. I will figure out the yoke in a few inches
or so. I loved the straight knitting of the vest, too bad it looked like
crap on me. Now I will have a sweater to get lost in.

Ruth continues to work on her sock...nice,. huh!

This is a picture of some batts she put together and one spun. She is
taking a "carding" class now.

Martha is working on a few projects....
a very nice colorful.

She made a hat/scarf for Emmalouise and is lining them.

We had our first snowstorm of the season, I will leave you with some pictures.
Not much going on in the kitchen. Joe is working on electrical which is major
progress, but not much fun to look at.

Abbey thinks she is a husky dog and stays out for long periods of time.

see, the snow is almost to the top of the pool....which by the way we can
open in 4 more months....!

Take care dear knitters...have a nice warm week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

150 Posts Old

This is the 150th Blog Post for Knitatation! I feel like I should have some special guests or something to celebrate.

The Cascade 220 yarn finally came in so I can swatch for the EZ Green sweater.
Color is a green with gray in it - very nice.

The Forrest Canopy Shawl is coming along, but because its so scrunched up
its hard to tell I've made progress. I'm getting quite good at analyzing my mistakes...
I need to get better at not making mistakes!

There are 6 inches done on the sock leg, I think I'll go to 7 and
then start the heel.

This weekend we celebrated Tiffany's 23rd Birthday.
It was a beautiful sunny day, just like the day she was born.

Mom, dad and Joel came for dinner. Unfortunately, Vicky had to
work (we sent her supper, don't worry).

Ruth has been working on a sock, in between her EZ sweater.
Patten K3 P1

Martha sent a note that she has been knitting but has been very
exhausted and did not send pictures.

This past Wednesday was a bear getting home from work due to
weather - I am officially sick of winter.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Suffering from ADK

I am suffering from ADK......Attention Deficit Knitting!
As you may remember, I was working on socks for Christmas
2010, a vest and a shawl. All of a sudden I got a burr up my butt
to knit a shawl for my friend Betty. Her daughter is getting married
on the beach of North Carolina this summer and I wanted to make
her something. Now shawls are a crap shoot to give someone.
Not everyone is a "shawl" person. I'm hoping I score a success here.

Pattern is Forest Canopy Shawl - my 2nd one! Pattern is very very

I am using some Dream in Color Starry purchased at The Loopy Ewe,
color Beach Fog.

It is sock yarn, with threads of silver running thru. Now these would make
very thick socks, even though the ball band says size 1-3 needles. Purchased
two skeins so it will make a nice size. I'm thinking I may only use 1/2 of the
2nd one.

Using a Size 6 Addi Turbo Lace needle. Very very nice yarn. Much nicer
than the Dream in Color Smooshy I used before.
Here are some pictures, though the color is not coming thru as nice as
in person. If you click on the lick above it will give a better color.

Construction update:

This weekend we gutted yet another room. The family room. It was a garage
that was converted to a family room years ago and there was no insulation -
brrrrr. So Joe said as long as the dumpster is here, and everything is torn
up we were going for it. So now there are three rooms torn up.
This is a picture with the blown in insulation (gray junk).

Joe is working on the floor. Abbey got scared and ran thru it.
OMG what a mess. She couldn't get out cause its deep. Joe
had to rescue her.

It took 3 of them all weekend, but its done. Fireplace is back
and it's nice and toasty in there.

Of course they hung up the important stuff:

Abbey is one happy girl to have her room back together.

Happy Knitting.......

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm s tarting a petition

I'm starting a petition.......
to change Christmas. Wait....don't think I'm crazy till you hear the idea.

The time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so short, folks
are all about the hustle and bustle, etc. We can still celebrate Jesus
birthday on December 25th - keep the whole spiritual thing. He may
actually get the recognition he deserves if we move the date. Then,
on Feburary 29th (we would have to create this date every year) we
could celebrate Christmas....just think....we would have 2 extra months
to knit gifts. Just about when we had had it with the cold and snow,
boom! along comes a great special day to look forward to. Something fun
in the middle of winter....I am all for it! Perhaps, if we can't get the world
to go along with this wonderful crazy idea, we could just get knitters to do
it. We could call it Knitmas. That would be the date that the knitters of the world
bestowed presents on lucky recipients. Think of the extra time we would
have to knit. What do you think?

I did a little splurge shopping this week. Knitpicks is having a book sale
and I've been eyeing this beauty for some time. It has tons of
colorwork patterns so you can create your own masterpiece. Check out
a few of them. (I have no idea why the pictures are sideways).

This year I would love to make the socks on the cover of Nancy Bush's
book "Folk Socks". I purchased some cheap yarn from Knitpicks for the
socks -- would have cost me a fortune to buy nice yarn.

I am going to make dark blue the main color.

The vest is perking along nicely. I am sort of "creating" the pattern, and I think
i knit too many inches before decreasting for the shoulder. I will have to try it
on when I get to the top and if its not rip rip.

Started a pair of socks in silk/bamboo/merino blend. I am using one of my standby
favorite patterns....K6, seed 3. It really looks nice in the multi colors.
The photo (again) does not do the yarn colors justice.

(p.s. I had decided to make mittens next,but before I knew it the socks
were on the needles and the ribbing was done - sometimes these fingers
have a mind of their own).

No kitchen updates this week. We did get the appliances purchased this week.
Stainless and black. This will be the first fridge we have ever bought - ever -
in our 27 years of marriage. Joe is not feeling well this weekend at all - severe
back/hip problems, so no work being done. The guy needs a break - guess
his body is making sure of it.

Ruth is making progress on her EZ green sweater. My order of Cascade 220
still has not arrived! ugh! I hope it gets here by next weekend so I have time to
do my homework before EZ class. This yarn is from Schoolhouse Press and
Ruth loves it!

Martha is working on a beautiful vest. She purchased yarn and
pattern at Rhinebeck.