Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sweaters part 3

Here is Martha's current baby sweater...she is done now but his
is a picture of her progress as of Sunday....so cute..

sweaters part 2


Here is mine finished baby sweater...
I love the little buttons, don't you?

 do you think they look like bunnies or kitties?
I think bunnies, but Joe thinks kitties....

Happy Feet sock yarn
Size 4 needle
Sunnyside Cardigan pattern - free on Ravelry.

No post next week, Joe and I are going away.

Have a nice rest of summer dear blog readers....

Monday, August 26, 2013


Ruth, Martha and I are all working on sweaters.

Ruth has blocked her sweater and is ready to pick up
for buttonband.  It is so stunning, don't you think!  I aspire
to knit sweaters like she does.

Martha is working on a baby sweater for a new
grand nephew that is coming in October.
out of hyacinth by Queensland collection, which is 95% cotton,
5% viscose. She is using free pattern from rivalry, by
Yumiko Sakurai called Kanoko pants and cardigan.