Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hi there

Long time no blog, huh? Last weekend our computer got an awful virus that after SEVERAL hours and $90 later, it is finally fixed. I have not been doing an awful lot of knitting. The 2nd WeeSock is almost done...thank goodness. I am (finally) sick of them. Working a bit on mom's sweater....and started an Elizabeth Zimmerman Dickie for EZ class. I am too tired to take a picture.

Ruth and Martha have socks to share.

Ruth just finished her first WeeSock. Her colors are a bit different than mine. She did a top down, K3, P1 rib. Very cute!

Martha finished up EmmaLouise's socks. Reminder she created this pattern out of the sweater she just finished for EL.

I am bone tired and need to sign off now. Lots of swimming and LOVING summer this weekend.
I have hauled countless loads of laundry up the basement stairs, thru the house and out to the clothesline. Have actually filled all of the lines twice today!

I'm going to work on the weesocks a bit more before I hit the sack.

Take care knitting buddies....

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