Sunday, June 8, 2014


Foots sounds more interesting than socks...LOL
Iam about 1/2 way down the foot on the brainless sock.
I was going to do something different this week, but decided
to get this done.
I mentioned last week I had started a baby sweater...
this is all I have...more on this next week.

Ruth finished up her Lichen & Moss socks out of Shaffer Nicole.
They are very pretty in person.  VERY PRETTY !

She is done with one Show off Stranded Sock, and has a good
start on the 2nd one. This is the Lornas Laces Martha gave us.
I know what I'm doing with mine and may have them started
by next week.

Martha is working on a very pretty shawl in the 100% Mountain merino,
 made in Buffalo Wyoming. By Mountian Meadow Wool  that
she gave us at Rhinebeck.  (I made the Churchmouse
fingerless mitts out of mine).  Thus has no nylon so
she  didn't want to do socks with  it, feeling it would just
walk through them... This shawl is The Age of Brass and 
 Steam Kerchief, which she  made for Ruth's a Rhinebeck shawl.

In other news:

Joe and I went fishing to Lake Erie today. Up before 4:00 am.
OMG! It's almost a two hour drive (with coffee and pee stops)...
we were in the water by 6:30.  This is a view of the City of

These windmills are all along the shore.
I did not get much knitting done...had to help drive the boat...
which was fun!  He caught several Walleye and a couple of super
big perch.

Martha worked hard in her gardens today and took these
pretty pictures:

Its summer so hard to come up with tons of projects for
the blog....Have a great week dear blog readers!

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