Sunday, January 17, 2021


 I'm doing a 30 day yoga challenge this month and it's teaching focus.  Maybe that is why I was able to concentrate on the sweater sleeves.  One done, and 2nd one is almost done.  

Reminder this is the Juist No 2 Sweater

Yoke construction which is different.

This neck is very wide. I am going to try and pick it out and put on needles and make smaller. Wish me luck.  Should be done by  next week.

Worked on the 2nd sock while at a hair appt this week. The colors are different.  I'm kinda diggin it.

Ruth is working on her little girl sweater. Pattern is Ruffled Baby Cardi by Anna Trofimenko. Yarn is Webs Valley Yarns super wash Merino. Color is Mauve. Is it soooo cute!

Martha finished up her hat for her co worker and started another one!  I like her pompom choice!

Here are her own words to describe her knitting this week:

Hi, ok here’s the hat for my principal who is retiring and who admires my knitting frequently.  This pattern is called Bulky Waffel Hat by Laura Luna.  The yarn is by Ella Rae Huenique, color way Dame de Pique.  It’s super easy to knit while on zooms at work so there’s that. I started a second hat for my yoga teacher

While I was fussing about my yarn gauge issue this morning I produced these for my student.  They’re 8” long and I hope they will go up his cuffs to stay on. 

I used this yarn.  Mark gives me this yarn every year, same color.  It performed perfectly for this job.  I used both balls one solid red, one rag pink and red.  

Ok here is my yarn for fussing.  It’s 22 stitches /1”.  This swatch was knit on square needles first and it’s a little stiff before swimming and blocking.  It looked terrible; it didn’t move around the square needle smoothly so I switched to round needles which was a much more consistent swatch.  I labored to figure out another Anne Hanson pattern at this new swatch and decided on the Unbroken pattern.  I’m pretty intimidated by the pattern.  But it caught my eye when she published it months ago, and I had a lot of yarn I wanted to use (since I spent so much money buying it!) and her patterns are well written so I’m going to try it. Pray the yarn is not too dark to see what I’m doing.

My thoughts on Martha's knitting:  I think the sweater is going to be beautiful.  I could not do it...not my kind of  knitting..but hers will be beautiful.    Also, I find it both hysterical and endearing that her husband gives her the same yarn every year, and the same color.  Wonder if he has a big bag of it stashed someplace.  

In other news:

Ruth watched her niece's dog Moxie this weekend...She is a sweet doggie.

My favorite pictures of Mason this week:

I love this picture. Tiffany said this sums up their relationship perfectly.  Athena never leaves his side.

I was watching him yesterday and Athena heard a noise outside. She ran next to me and Mason and was laser focused on the door making sure we were safe.  

This picture is actually from last week.  Mom loves playing with him.

I will be so glad when this next week is over. I'm afraid for what might happen in the country.  I hope all is safe and no one gets hurt.  Be kind and stay safe dear blog readers.

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karen said...

I love sleeve knitting because the END is near! Also after hours and hours of body sweater knitting a sleeve feels like a breeze. Lovely knitting!!