Sunday, January 24, 2021

Peek A Boo

 How can it be Sunday again dear blog readers?  Knitting progress was good here this week.  

Finished the blue sweater.  Juist 2

Jacob Yarn, Size 8 needles.

The neckline was too big, so I picked out the cast on stitches. Each stitch was a three step process, not very quick.  Put the stitches on a needle and did a few decreases at the shoulders. Turned out great. 

One thing I dislike wearing a sweater with rolled top or ribbing-- when you wear a necklace it comes over the top....looks a little weird to me sometimes.  I really like wearing a necklace with my plain sweaters to jazz them up a little.  See it coming over the top in this picture.

 It came to me one night about 4:00 am ( because what better to think about than knitting at that hour, right?)  When not put in a little peek a boo hole for a necklace.  So when I was redoing the neck, I cast off three stitches in the center and on the way back around cast on three stitches.

 You can't really see it with the rolled top.  I like it...and since it's hidden, don't have to use it.


 I'm happy with the fit.  It's bigger in the top than I would like but the hips fit nicely. I wore it today and it is so nice and warm!

I forgot to put a towel over it Thurs night when I was letting it dry and this is what I woke up to. Grrrr it's a good thing he's cute!

Started the Sophisticate Baby sweater for Joe's nephew out of this Happy Feet DK yarn.

Just about ready to put the sleeves on holders.  These are Mason's colors so it may not make it to the new baby.  :)

Not much work on the 2nd sock this week.  If you look closely at the toes, I thought the colors would be more the same..but nope!  All is good.

 Ruth is nearing the end of her adorable Ruffled Baby Cardi by Anna Trofimenko. Yarn is Webs Valley Yarns super wash Merino. Color is Mauve.  She will have enough yarn left for a hat.

Martha said she felt like me this week because she is working on not one, not two but three projects at once.   As always, updates are better in her own words so here you go:

My sweater.  Remember I said I left my iPad at work but I would knit away on the sweater because I had memorized the pattern? WRONG!!  I did the pattern repeat that night well so then I did another one over the next few days with the iPad and pattern at home. Unfortunately the pattern I made without the pattern (ipad) was two rows short. So you see here I remembered to put a life line in and ripped! I’m now ready to count my rows and start reknitting.    I 


Knit the gussets on the mittens I made for my student. I’m hoping the gussets come up to his elbows so he can’t take off his mittens outside.

Next is my second hat out of this yarn.. this project is my zooming project because it is very easy to knit 2 purl 2 around and around as I listen. 



 Finally, this week I prepped my sock for an afterthought heel so I would not lose the stripes flow. I used a Utube video to remember how to do it and she uses lifelines to help with the opening up of the heel.  It helped me to remember to use one for the sweater rip too! This is another zooming project for when the hat is done.  Knitting round and round!  No picture.

In other news:

Martha gave me a beautiful embossed rolling pin for Christmas that has sheep on it.

I used it today and they turned out so cute!

I used this recipe and they taste like Lorna Dunes.  Addictive.  I glazed half and left the other ones plain. Joe and I had them with tea for lunch.  (If you look the recipe up, it makes a ton of cookies, so I halved it). 

We got quite a bit of snow this weekend.  it sure was pretty. This is Friday morning. It snowed most of Friday and quite a bit Saturday morning. 


 Here is one of Mason's 4 month baby pictures. 

Have a good week dear blog readers.  Stay safe and be kind.

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karen said...

clever solution! I tend to avoid rolled collars and switch it out for a rib edge. The last shawl I knitted I opted not to do the icord bind off because it takes too long!!