Sunday, January 31, 2021


 Hi Dear Blog Readers,

This post is going to be short and sweet.  I have been extremely tired this week and have not knit much.

The 2nd sock is coming slowly.  I finished the German Short Row Heel and now it looks like a short sock.  I will get back to it.

I mainly worked on the Sophisticate baby sweater.

Left the body stitches on the needle and started the arms. I really hope I am not short of yarn.  The body is a little shorter than I would like, hoping to go back and add a little length.  I added some stiches to the body and arms because I have a lot more yarn than called for. Let's hope I didn't short myself  at all!

Ruth finished up her baby outfit, sweater and hat.  Ruffled baby cardi. 

It is totally adorable.  She was not short on yarn and made a cute bonnet to match. 

Can't you just imagine a little girl wearing this...adorable!  I said that already but I needed to say it again!

Martha's Unbroken sweater may look a little short after a week of knitting.  

She had to rip back a week's worth of knitting because she noticed the cables were off.  She is a genius with patterns and figuring stuff out. Plus the pattern is sooooo complex!  I'm glad she noticed before it was too late.  


In other news:

It was sooo sunny here today and it's 5:41 pm and still a little light out. We had quite a bit of snow this week, and very very cold temps.  Glad we are all safe and sound.

I made some white chicken chili today.  I'll share with Tiffany. She can't eat anything tomato based right now.  A little cilantro and it will be so good. (I hope).

Have a good week dear blog readers. Stay safe and be kind and knit as much as you can!

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